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Originally posted by edseb
I agree and disagree with you on a lot of things. I don't think you should set up a car without a body. I understand that a body isn't going to make up for a poor handling car, but like any other tuning option, it is a variable to deal with. The way I think about it is this: It is a tweaking tool like anything else and must be incorporated in to the setup initially. To me its like tuning without camber or without changing springs. Sure you can get close, but like anything, you can't change something without affecting something else. I feel you have to treat it like a whole package. If are car already has a lot of turn in, then the body might make it have too much. Bodies have certain characterisitics that can't be overlooked or accounted for. I do agree that people do jump on the bandwagon and follow blindly, but that's always going to happen by people either too lazy, short on time or uneducated to figure it out themselves. The Stratus works for some people, that's why they use it; it isn't because its the best looking or most exotic. Come on, a Dodge Stratus; probably one of the boringest cars on the road. Anyway, my point is the body is a tuning aid, not a fixer. I believe just about any of these bodies could be made to work, but only in conjuction with the car. If the body pushes, then you compensate by tweaking in other areas to make it push less.

Also, about ROAR rules, since I don't have alot of time to tweak, I prefer to elimiinate another variable. A lot of the races I do are ROAR sanctioned or they foillow their rules, so I don't want to have to go back and forth betweeen legal, and illegal bodies. There are actually a lot of bodies that work that aren't legal. The illegal HPI body I'm posting here has tons of downforce, but to tweak my car to this body is something I don't want to have to go through too. Anyway, I've rambled enough.
An Escudo eh...with that body and a hot mod motor you could run on the roof of a tunnel.

I agree with you totally. The body IS a part of the equation...thats whay I said I tune roughly 80% without and the last 20% with body. That last 20% with body tuning is where I work out the final gremlins based on a bodies traits. (Just like your example with turn in being over the top once adding body)

However...a challenge for everyone. On your next total teardown-rebuild or new car....find a surface very similar to your track and put some packs in while tuning the angles, tires, shocks etc. without the body. Then add the body and note the changes and perform final tuning. You WILL have a more hooked up car.

Trust me...it's one of the Jedi R/C tricks from long ago...
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