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Originally Posted by SirSwiftAlot View Post
Relax bring your mid out next time I am at the track and before days end you will be saying WOW I love the swift setup that swifty put on it. Oh and btw I have a package coming from K&G You should kow what that means. Remember the swift is the over all fastest car at Tamiya and with some TLC you will be even fatser then you are getting now. I spoke to a past champ that will be running at the next Tamiya TCS here in Aliso its gonna be fun.
Swifty, I wouldn't put a good friend thru that kind of torment. Craig and Kevin spent the better part of an afternoon trying to sort it out and wound up walking around in circles talking to themselves. Being good friends, they took pity on me after seeing me beat my head against a post and slump to the ground in tears of rage. Hate to admit it, but this car may have gotten the better of me. However, if you'd like to take up the challenge------.

Here's what's been done to the car. It's been completely rebuilt and nothing is binding. All the bearings have been checked, cleaned and lubed. The shocks were rebuilt with 3 hole pistons, 40 wt oil, 3mm of rebound. Old blues up front, new blues in the back. Aluminum 1.5 degree rear hubs and the link is in the upper hole. 2 degrees of rear camber. 5mm ride ht and the car is level. TA03 ball diff replaced the M05 diff that was in the car. Also the light rear sway bar cause it really was a beast without it. In this form the car is drivable and, if driven with care, will keep up with most.

Here's what's wrong with it. The hairpin after the sweeper is really tricky cause it steps out on a wide entry and pushes like a dump truck if you come in tighter. It steps out on entry in the carousel and the keyhole and scrubs off speed and just doesn't roll thru the corner cleanly. The esses and the kink can get the back end waving around so it's hard to get thru them cleanly.

Let me know if you want any changes. I'm planning on going back to the stock 2 degree rear hubs. Apologies to those that don't know what the corners look like that I was referring to.
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