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Originally Posted by mooby64 View Post
Running a spec tire is fine for a big race, but for your average weekend racer, stick with spirit of the rules....Any treaded tire on a non-dish wheel. The simpler you make the rules, the easier the rules are to follow.

Back when my local track decided to start running a spec touring car tire I was, shall we say, a bit miffed. I thought all my tire and insert knowledge was going to go to waste and I would be at a significant disadvantage. I was not to happy about ALL the mounted tire sets I had either. You know, this set for tuesday night, these work better on sunday, and I love this type on outdoor tracks.....

Guess what I learned. A spec tire/insert makes for much more economical racing from both a time and dollars stand point because there is no choice. You buy this tire/insert and tune your chassis to that. No guessing what is the tire of the week, what is the new hot insert either. Just relax and have fun racing and know that if you didn't win, it wasn't because you out smarted yourself on tire choice.

That is one factor that makes USVTA much more enjoyable. My experience is what dictated the original VTA rules at Trackside.

Now to the present: I told Rob I would prefer a spec tire/insert for USGT. there are many fine choices.

I am looking to run the USGT class at the USVTA Scale nats and right now I don't know what tire to buy. So I will probably have to go and buy several different sets to find the ONE I think will give me the advantage, and a smaller wallet too..........
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