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There is a throttle epa adjustment. Actually on the 3pjs its called ATV. But anyway, heres how to get to it:

1. At the main screen, press the DIRECT button once.

2. When the DIRECT list, scroll down until you see the ATV function. There will be a little box around the small ST letters above ATV.

3.Press the SELECT button once to switch the ATV from ST to TH. Now there should be a dark box around the TH letters abovec ATV.

4. To adjust the brake ATV push throttle on the trigger. Then adjust the endpoint.
To adjust the forward ATV pull the trigger and adjust the endpoint.

I dont know anything about the GT7 though. But I do know that the throttle has to be at 70%/30% because I helped a guy set up his gt7 yesterday. Although I didnt pay attention to the lights. Im not sure but I think you might need the switch to be off on the esc and the battery connected. Doublecheck your instructions to make sure youre doing it right. Hope this helps.
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