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Default Problem Setting up GT7 with Futaba 3pjs

I just rebuilt my Yokomo SD.

I installed my servo, GT7, and AMB PT like so. Then I went to test it out. But before I did that, I had to setup the GT7. I set it up like normal. Hold setup button and turn on the ESC and hold the button. Wait till the red light shows, then pull trigger to full throttle, solid green, then apply full brakes---.

Well, you guessed it, the lights didn't blink green. Instead, it stayed solid. So I turned it off.

Do I have to set the EPA on the radio? I can't find that function on the 3PJS.

The ESC worked good with my M8.

And I also noticed its at only 93% brake. I found that out when setting the PCM fail safe on my nitro car. Can this be it? How do I make it 100% brake?
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