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Originally Posted by vitomon View Post
hi guys,
thx guys for the help with gearing. i used martins program with an x11 13.5T motor and 1:6,1 FDR. MAN THIS THING FLYS!!! no break problems what so ever. i even had to reduce breaking power on the transmitter to 70%. great torque and great top speed. lap times were roughly 15.4s. managed to lay down a 15.0 many times whereas tekins, HWs, lrp's etc did 15.2 best.

Glad its going well. Any more help needed then just ask away

Can't say anyone has been giving me trouble on the straight recently, in fact this weekend I was told by a CML driver that mine was a rocketship

Anyway, its not all about having that extra foot on the straight, I'd sooner be a tiny bit slower on the straight than have to put up with a Tekin on the infield, feel on the GM is amazing.
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