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I just finished building my CR - and it is my first RC car in about 15 years.

I really like it.

She is squirrely when I break the tires loose and squirms both left and right until I ease off the throttle and/or counter steer. I haven't experienced any real torque steer yet.

What I have done is make sure that she is balanced left to right. Obviously NiMhs are not an option here. My 2S 5,000 mAh LiPos were also too heavy. I ended up with Venom 2S 3,800 mAh 35C LiPos. They balance out the chassis well and their 4mm sockets line up with the chassis - so I only run 4mm male bullet connectors on my ESC. But the middle balance lead is obscured by the chassis and I'm torn about drilling the chassis out to fit it. For now I'm swapping the battery out to charge it.

The stock "S" tires work very well and I'm not looking for something better or different to run on her. They have a very precise fit on the rims and I doubt that you will find any aftermarket tires that fit (or look) properly or run as well as the stock tires.

I got carried away when choosing my steering servo. Per the instructions, using a full size servo in the lay down position is not ideal. But finding decent "shorty" or retract servos was not easy either. That's why I chose the Savox SC1251MG. It isn't cheap but it works really, really well. I had to remove some of the material from the stock servo mount to make it fit - which surprised me because it was one of the few servos that had the right dimensions. Besides it being an amazing servo with specs to make other servos blush, it has a gold sticker and a gold anodized aluminum center case which matches the color scheme.

I also got carried away when choosing my motor and ESC combo. I didn't want to spend $45 for the stock motor or use a cheap sensorless brushless combo that stammers off the line and can't run the stock gear ratios. So I ended up with the Novak Havoc Pro SC Ballistic system with a 17.5 turn motor. It has a silky smooth low speed - I mean seriously smooth low speed. I can barely breathe on the throttle trigger and her tires will silently spin at 30 rpm. Initially this system lacked top speed and had solid and smooth acceleration and brakes but crazy run times - almost 40 minutes. Then I activated the dynamic timing and OMG it now has incredible top speed without losing the smooth low end and still has long run times - over 30 minutes. Plus it has the proper gold (orange) color scheme that matches the rest of the car.

I have already ordered the Lancia Stratos body and 3/6mm offset wheels and tires for it. The Lancia Stratos is a very rare car that I have always wanted to model but has not been offered before. I'm assuming the Stratos has not been modeled before because of its unique dimensions and FIAT wouldn't allow "melted" RC reproductions of such an iconic car. I can't wait to build the Stratos body.
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