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I got a handful of these with the cup racer i got the other day from fleabay.
guess i dont have enough posts to link so theres a space before .com

rcmart. com/catalog/rc-mchassis-rims-cross-m0302b-5spoke-mini-wheel-8pcs-p-28740.html

They seem cool, but I cant find the right diameter tires for them. I need tires that will fit the 42mm diameter. Most on rcmart dont list the inner diameter and if they do its something like 38mm...which I find weird for M-chassis tires. or is that including the bead which we glue to the wheel?

Was thinking the ones by Yeah racing would work but then they have that weird inner diameter...

rcmart. com/catalog/rc-mini-rubber-tires-yeah-racing-wl2007-tire-4pcs-p-29679.html?cPath=35_1386

What are people using on their cup racers?
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