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I Started 2-3 years ago have raced mostly club races and a a few larger events. I race buggy and truck. I have went from a car with everything used to all brand new parts. So cost can very a lot it all depends on what you want.

Buggy 800-1200
Truck 800-1200
Case of fuel 100
Starter box w Battery 80-100
Tx 250-450
Spare servos 200
spare parts 300-500
transponder 90
paint for bodies 30
wheels tires 2 sets per car/truck 200-250
Spare motor 200-350
misc tools 150

Table for the track 40
Tool Box 30
canopy 100
Lights and power cord 50

approx total $4170 If your going to buy everything at once and be ready to go racing with two classes and be able to make it though most events and club races with no issues.

With this almost every other week I make a $50-150 online order to replace anything i have used or need to have.

Here is an example of a large race

Getting ready to race nationals last year I spent $80 per entry $25 roar membership and $400 worth or any extra parts wheels tires ect. I could think of to make sure I could make it through the 4 days of racing with out needing anything. Plus food drink and motel which I only stayed at one night because i was within an hr and a half drive of the track. large events could be very expensive if you travel and can stay cheap most likely $1000+ per race.

Now after spending this money I feel I have enough parts spares with competitive cars to be able to compete at most races and be able to finish the week/weekend without any trouble.

Sorry for the long post but should give a good idea at what it takes.
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