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I've only started this hobby 3 weeks ago, got my first HSP 1/8 Camper Pro buggy cheap $250 two day in got a bit trigger happy !!smashed!! the whole front end which cost me over $250 in parts. Got that fixed Next went the wing stay, Steering Servo, Steering servo/saver and a few bent dog bones. ($100) Now waiting on a few aluminum part to come home from ebay.

... While waiting i got given two 1/8 Hypers 8.5 and 1/10 HSP warhead with loads of tools and spare parts. ... I have to say after a whole week bashing the Hobao Hyper is a sweet machine (running a .28 GO Engine) not a single penny spent besides feeding time and for 4 liters for $50 this hobby is going to chew the pocket.
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