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Originally Posted by eR1c View Post
..My CR'r would spin out when I got on the throttle, ...don't recall if it was left or right. In my case it was the wheels ballooning up on full throttle and getting the car into a spin. (thanks Mike for solving my issue).

Not sure if that's what it could be in your case, -but since you've tried everything else? What I did was got some some stiffer/harder tires (new wheel/tire combo). ...look back a page or two on this thread and you'll see the messages and which tires were recommened.
I would say the ballooning of the tires is a common issue but between me and the other guy who runs the CR at our club races we probably have 10+ different tire and rim and foam combination's. Both cars pull to the left no matter what the tire/rim choice is.

I'm going to stick with my original diagnosis of it's the way the motor is mounted and just compensate on the driving side. I'm really nit picking since I really love the car!
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