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Originally Posted by bagged69chevy View Post

I got my TT yesterday.. Spend an hour or two getting it running.. Decided to take it into the front yard and take it up and down the block a few times..

So i decided to come down the street full speed, up my drive way, onto the lawn, (this is tall fluffy lawn, not golf course lawn).
Well when it hit the edge of the lawn it flipped up into the air and landed on its lid. (Mind you i didn't have the body or the wing on)

so i turned the truck over, and the shock tower was bent to hell, the rear chassis brace broken, and my rear center drive shaft was bent. Pretty sweet first outing.
Cant wait to hear about the second outing.....should be even sweeter.

I have to say tho, if you're going 35-40 mph and hit the edge of a lawn enough to send the car flying thru the air, it was obviously a RAISED edge. I cant see any RC going thru that unscathed.
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