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Originally Posted by robk View Post
This class is based on the ashes of RCGT, which was Hpi X patterns as the only tire. It worked well until the advent of 17.5/boost, which was too much for the tires (and a lot of racers).

Treaded tires were previously part of the class' predecessor, so it's here to stay
Did HPI not udate their website to say that boost was allowed with the 17.5 motors?? Isn't this where we are getting the rules from for the RCGT class?

Love the idea of trying out different treaded tires as USGT would allow but do not want to go out & purchase a 21.5 motor for it. If non boosted 17.5 is to fast for a beginer then what were people starting out with in the 27 turn brushed motor as stock days?? Since the non boosted 17.5's are supposed to be the equivalent of 27 turns how is that all of a sudden to fast for people?
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