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First, this class is replicating GT cars, not touring cars. Only recently Speed World Challenge cars started using slicks because of a change in sponsorhip of the series from Toyo to Pirelli. There are still a few of the GT-style racing series using DOT competition tires. This is a silly argument.

Second, why would you want to be in a class that you didn't like the rules, and why would you attempt to try to change the rules of a class just to suit your whims? Still, in 2011, this is the single biggest problem with RC car racing in this country—people who can't conform to a class structure, but feel the need to change and alter things on a local level so that they are happy.

So you feel this is a touchy enough subject that you have a never-used screen name just to blather on about slicks and the history of touring cars, and you can't use your real name to express an opinion. Is anyone supposed to take you seriously?

HPI created this class based on their treaded spec tires, realistic bodies, slower speeds and a whole different atmosphere from what has become the norm in R/C road racing. It's a good, solid concept—just like VTA—and it works for a lot more people than the few who get disgruntled by "non racing parts" like treaded tires.

The number of people flocking to these classes over the last few years tells me that those racers who continue to push for gummy slicks, dish wheels, ambiguous bodies, open electronics and faster speeds are the people becoming the minority in racing today.

And that's a great thing in my book.
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