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Originally Posted by tc5 man View Post
thats, a good deal one thing though il tell you when i bought my 1.0 t used from a racer i knew it looked good on the outside but the drivetrain and the other things yikes alot of $$ for replacements .

so just double check the diff cases/diff gears/diff oil also.

as, for the engine its a .28 it will get you started but i know you will evently get a .21 inless you drive smooth on the throttle because it will cost $$ in fuel with .28.

the, servos since you got the d8t than go ahead and get the $100+ servos than dont know if there better really they have titanuim gears thats the only thing that seems diffrent to be honest.
Well I'll keep my fingers crossed about the internal components then. I'll go to my LHS sometime this week and get diff and shock fluid and do an immediate tear-down when it arrives.
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