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Originally Posted by Redrawker View Post
Again thanks for all the helpful info. I can't see myself doing much more than club level racing, but I don't want to be limited by my equipment should I decide to go to a higher level.

Last night (before I read the replies unfortunately ) I took the leap and bought a Hot Bodies D8T.

It comes with 4 new Proline Caliber dish wheels and tires, 4 new Crime Fighter Proline tires and dish wheels, OFNA starter box with the big duel motors, original owners manual, Skyline XR pipe, humpback TX battery, Hitec HS645MG steering and throttle servos, and an Axial .28 Silver Top Motor.
All for $300.

The truggy itself looks very very clean in pictures.

It needs a radio and receiver but I plan to get a Spektrum DX3E for it. Also, I'm going to replace those servos with something more capable.

I know the Axial isn't optimal for racing, but I've been told it'll be fine for a practice engine.

What kind of deal do you guys think I got?

thats, a good deal one thing though il tell you when i bought my 1.0 t used from a racer i knew it looked good on the outside but the drivetrain and the other things yikes alot of $$ for replacements .

so just double check the diff cases/diff gears/diff oil also.

as, for the engine its a .28 it will get you started but i know you will evently get a .21 inless you drive smooth on the throttle because it will cost $$ in fuel with .28.

the, servos since you got the d8t than go ahead and get the $100+ servos than dont know if there better really they have titanuim gears thats the only thing that seems diffrent to be honest.
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