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Originally Posted by Bmr4life View Post
New or used? I want one for real.
Brand new,it's a special edition sieg sx2, it's a pretty decent mill once gone thru and adjusted etc, if you want a small mill out of the box that's ready go with a sherline ,smaller though and not as much power
For sieg machines sold at grizzly ,harbor freight,travers etc
x0 -micro mill
x1 mini mill
x2 -older model
sx2 - super x2 -brushless -sold at
sx2 super special x2, sold at, bigger table then sx2
I have a Sieg made grizzly 7x12 lathe , my runout is .0005 or less typically,.0002,it's been modded alot ,but no cnc yet
For info go here -

What I bought and this too
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