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Default one way vs. diff

so which is better for all conditions? depends on the driver and the car. in my tc-3, i run a one-way exclusively - i just could never get enough corner speed w/ a diff (of course, i'm talking about in relation to the other guys at my track). now, there are a couple guys that are smokin' fast w/ dual diffs. in my xxx-s, i've tried it w/ a one-way and it had alot of on-power steering, but didn't for work me at all, it seemed to twitchy. maybe if i spent some time getting accustomed to it, i'll be able to drive it. i'm currently running dual diffs, and i'm getting more corner speed than my tc-3 w/ a one-way. i have to admit though, the xxx-s w/ a one-way was faster, i couldn't drive faster w/ it. with the dual diffs in, my car looks "deceptively fast". what i mean by that is it looked slower on the track, but my lap times were better, and i think that is because i had better control over it. hence, i was able to drive more consistent laps (ie. on a track that pro-stock was throwing down 10.9-11.2 lap times, i threw down an 11.4 in the last 30 seconds of the race and had a string of 11.3's during the middle of the race - when the batteries and motor should be falling off a bit.)

i'm sure i'm going to try the one-way again, but for now and for me, the dual diff works best.

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