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Originally posted by Baluga

Pitbull X3 vs LRP Competition, w/c one would you choose? I'm more concerned in charging performance... Tnx.

Personally, I dont give much for the discharge function in the LRP, since it's limited to 10 amps. 20 or 30 should be better, in terms of giving more punch. But you might have a different point of view.

Pros of Pulsar: Power failure system, timed start, motor run in (but not when you charge), charge rate adjustable while charging, 8 amp charge rate.

Pros of X3: Memory slots, 3-phase charging (but it's new, so not many have experience in how to use), peak lockout.

Both have a good reputation.

An alternative could be to get the LRP Pulsar Sport in conjunction of an Indy Reactor20 or 30.
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