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Originally Posted by DuVulcha View Post
Well the first time you gun it its like a rocket down the straight. But then you gun it and its a lot of engine wailing but no power to the wheels. It comes and goes sporatically. I have two of them so my plan tomorrow I guess is loosen the clutch and if that doesnt work rob the one way off my back up until I get another one in.
So its good coming down the straight, you back off at the end and gun it after the next corner - it screams but goes nowhere and then all of a sudden its like you drop the clutch?
If so, I would definitely either replace the one way bearing or give it a good clean out and re-oil it with quality one-way oil.
But only replace it if you are absolutely sure that the rear belt pulley is not loose - ive done that before, no power and check ed the rear small pulley, sure enough the screw was loose.
If everything is nice and tight, then Im almost certain its just the one-way bearing giving out on you.
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