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Originally Posted by scrivtwin2 View Post
do you use the stock motor mount? i have to get another gear mine is getting pretty beat. the 28 will fit with the 47 with no issue? i was running the 51/26 and that was right on the edge, but im gonna get the 47 and 28. definatley glad to rc monster goes up to 30t now
I'm using the RC-Monster motormount, as my rides are nitro conversions.

Originally Posted by scrivtwin2 View Post
also do they only make the 47t in steel or do they have a plastic one?
The 47T only comes in steel. You can do plastic 46T, and 44T if you use a center diff.

Originally Posted by rcwck View Post
Where do find the 47T spur for the single speed? All I can locate is the stock 51T.
The 47T can be found at Nitrohouse and it's made for the center spool. Seek the Titan/Blazer spur #40247.

I didn't opt for a center diff and 44T spur, as I'm afraid that I will run out of torque when geared for a roll out of 2.26 and only running 4S. My diffs are allready made for a higher topspeed 44/14, compared to the buggy diffs 43/13. I could do a 40T spur, but will need to go with an 8S setup. I have allready gone the 10s A123 route once before in my GTP and want to do something different. I blew up the diffs within a few speed runs what that kinda power. The diffs lasted longer once I went to the KingHeadz diff cups and hardend ring gears.

Here is the pic of the 47T spur.

Here is the 10s A123 setup running on ipanema's.
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