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Originally Posted by Lars Johnson View Post
Sure - if you think that Brandon is contractually obligated to root around RCTech for any post related to LiveRC, and post replies on an hourly basis.

But....he's probably not, and RCTech has become the hotbed for people to complain that the throttle in their Modded VSpec stuck wide open in their brand new Durango, and it broke in half when it hit the garage door at full speed. And they want a refund.

I understand what you are saying about time frame. However he explained the delay, and the steps he is taking to resolve. He does not need waste his time posting in here - but he did. And gave a very detailed and balanced explanation for everyone.

Just because some company reps choose to use RCTech as a communication source, does not mean that all companies follow suit.
No you are absolutely right. But most companies, big or small will respond to E-Mails. Again, don't take what I say as anything related to Brandon personally. I think they need to have someone to handle all customer relations, and this whole thread could have been avoided. And I don't think the people posting in this thread posted with the intention of calling Brandon out or expecting him to post here every day. They just wanted answers, and rightfully so. And from what I understand, most of them tried E-Mailing, and handling it outside of tech.

I know, I saw Brandons post to clear everything up. The debate now is because a couple of you guys are here belittling everyone that had a gripe, and it's not right. Paying customers have the right to complain when what they purchased is missing, and so is the customer service, that is all I'm trying to say.
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