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Originally Posted by Lars Johnson View Post
I could be wrong, but it looks like Brandon updated everyone on this thread yesterday, here's a link if you need it. Fortunately the world doesn't revolve around RCTech (though some may beg to differ) - so the fact that he came in here and posted an update should say a lot. Seems to me that some are still missing that...

He could always shut down the operation, and we could go back to the days of magazine "coverage" - a 1.5 page article with 4 pictures and top-3 results, 42 months after the fact, wedged between 10 page reviews of the Savage 4.6 and monster truck top-speed tests.

OR, we could count our blessings that some dude from Wisconsin spends his spare time providing a live window for anyone, anywhere, to view the racing side of our little hobby/sport, real time.
Again, missing the entire point.

Let's do a comparison. Say you go into Gamestop and pre order a Xbox for your child. You're given a release date, and it doesn't come in on that release date. When you go to pick it up, the store is closed, then you call microsoft, no one answers the phone.

Now that is in your head. Lets look at this. People pre ordered a DVD from LiveRC. They were given a release date and it didn't come in. Well, we can't exactly go to the store where we ordered it from, and I believe this whole argument is about people E-Mailing them with no response (think calling microsoft) so where is the next best thing to complain and seek answers. RCTECH!!!

Again, for me, it's not about the wait, it's about the lack of communication. So you guys can keep talking about how they're busy and a 2 man show, but you will never convince me that is an appropriate excuse for poor communication.

Again, simple fix, get someone to take care of customer relations.
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