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Originally posted by vassago
Which car do you run?

Check for motor shunts connecting to a graphite chassis, use a plastic antenna holder instead of an aluminium one.
Check for frayed antenna wire, loose connectors, try a different servo and motor.

Does the radio glitch when it is far away or when it is close?
It happens both when its a moderate distance from the driver stand, as well on the far back straight. However, this isn't the biggest track in the country, so I don't think its a distance thing.

The car is a XXX-S.

I have gone to a different receiver, with the same consequences. I have changed the position of the ESC. The receiver wire did use to be close to the motor wire and chassis, but I have looped it over so its atleast 3-4 mm away from both. The receiver wire doesn't loop back on itself any more either. I have thought about adding some additional insulation on the wire, but have not done it yet. I have also thought about changing the antenna mount so that the wire goes into the tube and not up through the mount where it could come into contact with the chassis. The mount is the standard plastic one. The only frayed bit of the wire is at the very end, and that happened last weekend during a glitch crash.
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