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Originally Posted by Frank L View Post
I drove a Losi for about a year andnits a great buggy but I am faster with the durango. It has all the steering that the Losi did and more but I can hammer the throttle harder and not do doughnuts at every corner. The Losi had to be driven very smooth and the dnx likes being driven harder. The crazy new tech thats in the dnx is way off the chart likethe way the shock towers bolt to alum that boltsto the chassis and not the diff case then theres the ease of diff access and all the tricked out alum goodies everywhere. I havent seen another car come with a 2 piece engine mount system. That's always an aftermarket upgrade. The throttle linkage is a little tricky but once it's set it's golden. I haven't driven or even seen the serpent car at my local tracks bit my vote is Durango. I just built an E dnx too it sill be interesting to see if it's easier to drive nthe Losi E bug was a handful.
First I heard that, normally most people I know say losi has to be driven on the edge. Of course everyone tries to be smooth while driving though
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