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Originally Posted by M.Abramowicz View Post
Hi Keven!

Do you remove some screws from top deck for more flex?

I usualy keep all the screws in ! Sometimes I will run without the 2 screws (button head) right behind the spur gear.

Originally Posted by b-man777 View Post
Hy Kevin: Thanks for the response useful info. I guess we're getting to watered down in on road racing with so many classes. Also no matter what trends come and go in the r/c hobby 12th pan car always seems to survive. Thanks
No problem ! anytime

Originally Posted by mos-leung View Post
Any photo for where should be drill? also what size of hole should be ?
Leave the hole after drill ? or put a screw ?
I tried but can't find any room for drill.
See my photo for details.
As mentionned, it should be drilled in the black pastic cap ! 1mm is big enough.

Starting monday I will be in florida for the Snowbird nationals, So I am not sure how much internet access I will have but I will do my best to answer questions on here.
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