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Originally Posted by Toolmannz2 View Post
Hi skypilot , yes that was part of the question the other was as a replacement for our 540 sivercan class.

Sorry I should have been a bit more specific, at the moment our class structure is this

Novice class- 540 silvercan powered beginners class

Stock Touring- 540 Silvercan unlimited 2 cell Lipos no Gearing limit

Super Stock- 13-5 boosted

Open Mod- unlimited Motor and Batts

So you can see there is a big jump from our touring stock class to 13-5

thanks for the reply
that is a very good line up of classes, it is a bit of a jump from silvercan to boosted 13.5, but if you master the silvercan then your driving should not be a issue, you have to get used to the extra speed and using throttle control. not sure of the size of your track, but how close is boosted 13.5 to mod?

we have a huge track and i suggested something close to that and it is feared that boosted 13.5 would hurt the mod turn out.
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