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Default RC8T-TE v RC8T-CE v 8ightT2

Hey guys, I am wanting a nice truggy. I want something that is NOT ridiculously hard to tune to tracks, I want something that is TOUGH. Basicaly the CE and 8T2 are the options I was looking at just because of bang for buck and quality of build IMHO. Always preferred AE to anything else since about 15 years ago when I had RC10T etc. But the 8ight doesnt seem to shabby.

So I notice generally, that 8ight T2s are rare as hens teeth on Ebay and go for more than AE trucks, generally from what I have seen the last couple weeks. I cant seem to work out the EXACT differences between rc8t Factory Team and CE, besides alloy shock towers and other bits and pieces, body and wing.

Race wise will the CE handle better out of box than the other two truggies?

I realise it depends on a lot of factors, just looking for some opinions, thanks a lot, tell me what you think of these 3 truggies. I am NOT interested in any others for various reasons, I ONLY like these two manufacturers!


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