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Originally Posted by skypilot View Post
aaah, to have fun, to meet and hang out with new people, aahh, to have stories to tell and share, to smile until your face hurts, to get pissed off, to eat crappy food, to check out that guys smoking hot GF or Wife. I can think of all sorts for reasons besides finishing well to go to a race. finishing well is all good, but I have gone to the IIC and Reedy KNOWING at the time I was sgning up and booking plane tickets and hotel rooms that I would be the C or lower main.
+1. I can hang out in the pits and chat to guys about anything, racing or whatever else.

This is why I go racing at a club that allows boosted or non boosted 13.5 or 27t, foam or rubber tyres and is the only sedan class.

Slower guys use rubber tyres so they dont chunk tyres on the boards, with 27t motors to keep costs down and typically are in the lower mains and therefore the faster guys are in the A and out of their way.

I don't care for over complex rules or racing at a bigger event where you feel like a number and not a competitor.

With the right infrastructure and members, club racing is where it's at. (You know the regulars and the rules rarely change for the worse)

But, if you want to race at bigger sanctioned races, expect to see more rules or ones that may not be to everyones liking, as they have to cover a wider range of entrants. (And expect to put yourself in unknown ground, new track, new people, new experiences in general).

Not everyone wants to excel themselves any more than being a club racer or incur the cost of anything more than that level - and there is nothing wrong with that, it's just something you have to understand where you are at yourself.

I'm not saying the rules are always right, but my mentality has always been if I don't like the rules, I race elsewhere where I find the rules to my racing needs...

Casual racing

Organised racing


pick 2.
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