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Originally Posted by Racecrafter View Post
I've spent a few hours reading and catching up on this thread.

Here is what my thoughts are as a 30 year veteran in this hobby/sport, ROAR member for 25 years, and now ROAR's Region 12 Director;

Most of you are complaining about something that doesn't affect you as non-ROAR members. Why?

If you were a member you would have a voice.

Tekin and all other manufacturers will be just fine. They aren't going anywhere because ROAR mandates a rule. They all will now have another product to sell (more than likely the exact same unit as they already make only ROAR legal)

Some of you have good constructive criticism like "using 17.5 boosted as a middle class" thats thinking in the right direction. "A lock out mode software" is also another great idea.

What ROAR is doing is bringing the speed and learning curve back to reality. Think to yourself.... "If I were getting into this hobby as a racer and was told I need a laptop as part of my pit gear to be competitive" would you want to incur that expense? and then try to learn how to program everything when you don't know squat about motors or ESC's in the first place?

This IS about the big picture. It's about the "new blood" and keeping racing appealing, affordable and competitors at the track in the years to come.
Yeah all manufactures would be fine and another product to sell and then the ROAR racer will once again have to spend more money to purchase yet another speedo. The beauty of these new speedos from Tekin, Castle, Novak, and Speed Passion is you get free software updates and no longer need to buy the speedo of the month.

If I was told I need a laptop to go fast not a problem because in this day and age I don't know anyone that don't have a laptop and a cell phone. Maybe 10 years ago but not today when cheap notebook laptop costs 200 bucks or even less. Plus most use the laptop for other things just like the new phones today so another win win.

If you have a good hobbyshop then learning to program the speedo is again not a problem plus at most tracks someone is always around to help. I race for Castle and setup speedos all the time. Part of a sponsored racers job is to help with their companies products and to help get new people into the hobby.
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