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Originally Posted by Roelof View Post
If you do get one in the same brand as your exhaust it will fit for sure.
Yes, that was my original plan. Saves all of this research and guessing and time.

Unfortunately, I am running the Werks 2057 with an offroad manifold. Although Werks offers his pipes with an onroad manifold, he does not sell the onroad manifold separately.

So here I am now.

More than likely, this one will work:

But at $30 - $40, I'd rather take a shot at something a little cheaper like this:

Come to think of it, I was initially hoping to find one of you onroad nitro guys that may have one in their box doing nothing that you'd want to sell for a few bucks.

I am looking forward to NOT having to break in my next motor in my racing chassis, driving it up and down my street in my neighborhood (no fun at all). Yet, buying a tool that will get used MAYBE twice a year - I can think an many other useful places to spend my money.

Although I talked myself out of simply building something (vs. buying the Hudy Break In Bench), I did find one used to defer some of the cost.

And here I am now looking for the final piece to this puzzle.

Thanks to everyone who's chimed in.

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