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Originally Posted by mugentom702 View Post
I don't think this receiver solution is really the best solution to avoid glitch. I ran over years with an completly closed aluminium receiver box without any glitch. I heated up the receiver box to test the temperatur range without any glitch problem.

I personaly think the problem is caused by other things. I found out that one of the mounting screws of the steering servo could touch the aluminium bulkhead when the Radio tray is flexing from left to right, depending on the servo type and how many shims are used to balance the servo.
i posted this before its not the rec box i had posted we did alot of testing and found it was other things like the floating radio tray not being tighted down enuff were the bearings are and the screws touching were the throttle servo and steering servo use the same mounting some guys had too long of a screw and were touching, its a sensitive car when comes to glitching now if your running and a screw comes loose it can cause a glitch, my engine mount came loose and the car started glitching. act i know now when a screw is loose the car glitches lol it a good warning system for me lol. we were at the pre worlds and swagger and billy had there radio tray so loose and well we know the outcome swagger did a hairpin turn into the board cause of the glitch, one of our team mates told them bout it the day before but i think it went in one ear and out the other, also the end of the stright at pre worlds my car would go into fail safe and i would walk closer to it on the drivers stand and it stoped then our team realized on the drivers stand at the pre worlds they have metels poles that go up over your head prob for a canopy and when i stood right next to the metel pole it went into fail safe weird but true...
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