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To look at the exeed lite it looks identical to the enneti. I have not ran them, I should have a set in my hands thursday.
Lets say Hammer, Ralphie and myself called enneti with a big pile of cash to give them for a bunch of tyres.
Being that the rim is molded I'm sure they would be willing to clean out the machine and use the plastic that we spec'ed to make our wheels with there mould. Our product looks identical but preforms very differently.
Next up our donuts. We want a longer wearing tyre so we have them build the rears 35, 35, 37 and call them 35's. Say we want a tyre that will set the track on fire 33, 35, 32 from the outside to the inside and still call them 35's. Somewhere on that box we would have a logo that says "SUPER TURBO", turbos are cool.
Before we can start all of this we need tofigure out what and how we are going to monkey with our foam sheets, soak them in lighter fluid, have the Umpa Lumpas lovingley rubb them with the original go-jo hand cleaner, mix up some simple green and aunt jamimas and boil them in it????? Smell some jaco's then smell some teamepic red-dot.
Yes Reolof they were .5 sec slower on the 5 and 1 sec. slower on the X. Same old non turning GeRPs. Yeah I could have split the shore's, changed chassis set-up but why bother. I think they sell cause there CHEAP. Now if Matrix lowered there price a little...
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