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Originally Posted by M7H View Post
Funny, because Exceed Italy (lite weight or regular) are made by Enetti.... (just like MugenDrew said)
But it's a shame that Enetti tyres are not always glued nice and straight on the rim....

GRP doesn't use distibutors anymore, they sell directly through there own website.

I don't really care about the durometer, because the tire might have a bigger percentage of natural rubber in them, giving them more traction compared to an other tyre brand, and less wear, and they do wear way less then Enetti's do! So you can start a final on a smaller diameter, and have a more constant car during the whole final.(unless you never get any further then the semi's of course )
ok goes like this enetti is a company that has the tire machines to cut the foam or rubber and glue them to the rims and they might also produce foam/rubber and the rims thereself, now u take a company like exceed or someone else wants to get into the tire bizz. what they do lets take exceed they r either producing the foam/rubber/rims themself and ship it to enetti to finish the product and box it or they contract enetti to make the foam/rubber/rim with there specifications and product is done or another company makes the foam/rubber/rim and is shiped to enetti, or like i said enetti makes it for them using exceed design. but i can tell u now it is not the same foam on the enettis and the exceed. my familly is in the medical bizz we do this all the time we make a gel for burns and so does johnson and johnson and we make it for them but its there formular. sometimes its cheaper to outsource a comp to put the stuff toghter and box it then to have your own plant but its your own u say enetti is making it for exceed which can b true but what u dont know if it is exceeds own formular that enetti is using to prepare the complete tire and box for them like i said its deff diff foam so doesnt matter if it comes out of enetti plant 10 different tires companys might come out of enettis plant all with diff formulars...
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