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Originally Posted by F-1 View Post
Hello Keven!
What is the difference in running between X-12 octa wind and x-12 std version?
Thank you!
Hi, the octawind motor has more rpm and is smoother on the bottom ! I pretty much always run Octa wind in a touring car and regular in 1/12.

Originally Posted by Apple Guy View Post
Hi Keven,
A bit confused about the LRP SXX Stock Spec versions vs. other LRP speed control options, and what to buy if I wanted to run both boosted stock and Modified in the future.

Where can you purchase an MK4 version of the SXX Stock Spec, or is it a version you have to send in the MK3 to Team Associated for the update?

Also, does the SXX Competition V.2 or the TC v.2 have the same turbo/boost profiles of the SXX Stock Spec, as I would love to have one ESC that could run boosted stock Touring as well as Modified Touring if desired. Maybe the SXX Stock Spec V.2 will be the ticket for this, and if so, do you know when it will be released?

Thanks for the help!
Hi, The best way to run both with the same esc right now is to run the Stock spec for both application. The new MK4 will be released soon but once it is out I am pretty sure you will be able to send your older one back to associated to have them updated. The reason why you cant do it yourselft now is that the ESC has to be made updatable before you can do so. Then once it is updatable you can update it yourself if further updates are out.

I have not tried the new mk4 with mod motors so I would have to get back on that to make sure but we ran the older stock spec in modified with no problem.

Originally Posted by Joel Lagace View Post
KEvin, When we going to see you in Ottawa to race some offroad?? Pace was up last wed..
Hi Joel, good to hear from you. I heard about the track. I actualy went to st-polycarpe last week I had not touch an electric car in over a year and only race twice in the last 3 years so it was fun to take some rust out I would like to go but with the schedule with the next few months will be difficult.
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