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I forgot to mention this too, but here goes.

The higher the "c" rating on your battery, the more power that pack will have.
The higher the "mHa" rating on your battery, the longer that pack will run.

Keep in mind that some ESC require a certian number of amps to opperate correctly, having to few of amps can damage batteries and esc when in use.

The less conections that you have in your system, the more efficient it will be. It is best to wire motor directly to esc and use plugs of some sort between the esc and battery.

I don't see how companies can sell lipo packs for 20-30-40 dollars when the cost of lipo is going up. There has to be a lot of corners cut for that manufacture to offer the lipos at that price. Think about it, would you sell a 100.00 battery for 20.00, i don't think so, so how are others doing it. They are able to do so because they cut corners and package refurbished cells, which means cells that are used or were used previously. Would you want a used battery in your car that you spend much money on, that you put your reputation on, really? I doubt it. The shipping on these batteries are normaly more than the battery itself. These are very low grade cells.
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