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Originally Posted by snabbgas View Post
Well it's still only a piece of paper... i dont understand why a piece of paper coming from the manufacturer make it less bullshit than any other claim?

Is this Proamps your "own" brand?
From pictures i saw earlier it looked exactly like my Desirepower down to the wiring harness only the sticker looked different.
Are they made by the same factory in China?

I see they spec max IR as 8mohm i guess that's for the whole pack.
What does max IR mean? Are they to be consider spent when the IR climbs above 8mohm or 4mohm/cell?
What do they meashure per cell when new?

Are these to be considered as B or C grade cells as they spec 200 cycles down to 80% capacity at 1c discharge?

I personaly own some of these battery packs, they 4 cell 60c 5200mHa packs to be more acurate. As for comparring Pro Amps batteries to Desirepower batteries I would not be able to make a comparrison as I have never run them packs. I can tell you that IR in which you make refference to stands for Internal Resistance. This is the max IR under load and it will not rise above this level. As for the questioning of the batteries being a B or C grade cells, I can tell you that these are neither B or C, but in fact A GRADE cells. These are the best of the best when it comes to cells. The assembly of these packs used onlt the best of materials and this shows through on the outside of the pack as well. There are alot of packs that don't take things seriously when they assemble. Pro Amps does have heavy duty Positive & Negative wire, rubber croments that surrond these leads as well as the ballancing leads. All wires are soft and very flexiable. The carbon fiber hard case has even had special attention taken with the rounded corners, color cordanated tape covering the seam, and positive and negative sides labled. These packs have even given way to those running them in serious conditions and placed the wires on the outside corners allowing the use of strapping down the center (length wise) for better holding in your vehicle.

As for your statement of the peice of paper making it less bullshit, this is not the case that Pro Amps was going for. There is no such of a thing. Pro Amps supplies this paper showing you, the customer the hard facts of the battery. Pro Amps puts more money into testing a battery than you could ever think of. If the pack is not ready for the market, it does not go out. You show me another battery manufacture out there that will provide you proof of what your battery will do and does easily, and this proof is not something you need to ask for, it is provided.

I would like to also add that I have been using venom battery pack all year. There rattings are not 100% accurate. I have been running there 2 cell lipos, but running 2 of them and they dont have the power to even get my truck to shift gears. What a joke. Venoms customer service also is something to be desired. I spent nearly 800.00 purchasing venom lipos and 2 got messed up. Yes it was my fault, but I just wanted them to fix or replace and tell me how much. I was given a BS story that they could not do this as it was against the law and they would not cover anything. They told me if I wanted to replace the battery that I should go to the hobby store I bought it from and make another purchase. What a joke for a customer service department. I would not even prop my door open with a venom lipo at this point. I am not trying to bad mouth them, but I was not happy with there packs or there service and I will never run a venom battery again.
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