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Originally Posted by jgraham37128 View Post
Paul, I need to add 17 grams of weight to my car. I've already added 17 grams to the center of the car, but need 17 more in order to get to the 1400 grams. The car is balanced front to rear almost perfect right now on the scales. Where would you add the weight? front or rear or would you move things around and keep the weight in the center as best as you could?

What's the weight front to rear ratio on your car?


I would leave it off for now.
20g is a good tuneing aid. If the car is a little loose throw 10g per side in front of the battery and servo, if the car is a little pushy i would put 5 behind the motor and 15 behind the battery. i have never put my current car on scales so i dont know.

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