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Originally Posted by Buckaroo View Post
Yeah, 3 sides to every story, I get that, but there's NO excuse for something like that, no matter what. We're all human, but with that comes RESPONSIBILITY, especially when in public, no matter the external inputs.

Sounds like it was a situation that, if handled differently, would have resulted in the guy who kicked the car being the hero if instead he had pulled his car and highlighted the percieved misconduct of the other party! Instead, he got wrapped up in the moment. That's called Vigilante Justice, which is something our society no longer tolerates.

Try something like this at my local RC track, and not only would you NOT be welcomed back, but you can be sure ALL of your sponsors would be contacted. I've been running some type of toy car since the mid 80s, and every club that I've been a part of would have refund your membership fees (pro rated) and asked you not to return. Most have actually had misconduct clauses in the by-laws, and I've seen similar situations where they've had to be enforced.

If the RD didn't take steps to impose a ban and you had the unmitigated gall to show back up, everyone would pull their cars and NOT run with you.

If that hit the RD in the wallet(since most tracks are actually for profit businesses), well.......words have meaning and actions (or inactions) have consequence. Which pot of money would you rather loose, one guy who gets into fights(no matter the reason), or everyone else who doesn't?

I don't care who you are, that's not acceptable conduct, for any reason.

Any attempts at reconciliation STARTS with a public appology and parts replacement, followed by a posted written appology to the witnesses. Probably continues with a forfeiture of points/prizes/whatever for at least that race.

The other party (owner of the punted car) bears questioning, too. If there was agressive conduct on his part to precipitate the event, I would lump him into the same category as the kicker, with similar penalties.

The reality is we live in a world where otherwise normal and reasonable people loose their cool and bring guns to fist fights. Want someone like that at your local track?
That seems a quite fair and measured response.

The fool that kicked the car and damaged, as a matter of goodwill should be invited to repay the other driver for the parts.

The kicker ought to explain his reasoning for his actions - he may well have had a valid gripe initially that was badly dealt with.

It's easy to get worked up about the hobby, but vigilante responses, whether it be kicking the car, or alternatively taking the kicker outside and beating him up is just a case of idiocy breeding idiocy - not only that, but a criminal offence along the way.

Not only that but such actions are shameful when done in the sight of children. This hobby is nice for the fact that it brings together generations, and people from all walks of life. We don't need to discourage entrants, and the race controllers, and club directors should speak to both parties seperately, and then together. It may seem to be a bit draconian and prescriptive, but if people want to act like idiots, they have to be fairly disciplined.

that's my penniesworth
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