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Originally Posted by jlfx car audio View Post
well my personal thoughts for the evo after running the photon is that i would trade back to the lipo chassis photon just to be more confident in my setup ( i run with 7 other photon drivers ,2 of which r team drivers)
the thought behind the evo is top notch and does work well. i use Og of weight to balance my car L/R but i must add 21g to front to have a stable car on carpet. and my car weights in at 1423g with a TP 5400 25c i have noticed that the use of the steel motor mounts r the weak point of this design
(1) the tweek to the point that the chassis is 1mm lower at the front of the motor mount than the f or r. and if i fix it with in 2 clean perfect laps its right back to the same tweek(belly).
(2) also the steel its constructed of makes the car tail heavy which is great for asfault but on carpet its just to much . rear end tends to swing out more so than my photons did/ do given the same weight distribution. for this reason i added 21g to front of car to get back my 51%R/49%R front dist...

After driving and learning to set-up the evo. I would NEVER switch back to TOP. I have found it works very well on carpet. Photon set-ups will not work on the evo. Evo is the easiest to set up and drive car I have ever owned.
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