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Originally Posted by JamesReilly View Post
If you order a cefx kit make sure you ask for the worlds chassis,
It has improved flex and from all the testing I've done is faster in all conditions.
He has them done just maybe not up on the cefxshop yet. if others are looking to take your Evo to the next level drop him a email.

Best regards,
thanks i will do that.
i want also some extra parts for the car like the lipo brace.
is there also something that prevents the lipo going into the drivebelt when hit from the side?

i readed the complete topic to see josh his commends and that from drivers. it made me even more intrested in the car.
i will mail josh for it.
is the 1:12 from top also from his hand or is it frop a top designer?

what is the weight comparred with the photon?
is the car lighter?
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