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Originally Posted by genius120 View Post
Hi toptek, first i would like to thank you for your reply on the tekin topic, about the cefx that i'm testing for a month on a large asphalt track here in Rome with medium grip(solaris medium rubber tires) i can say that the improvement over a standard photon is my lap time improved by .5 sec. technically speaking i cannot explain for my poor english, anyway the car is more easy to drive even in low temp. and low grip conditions of the track and is very sensitive in every minimun regulations, the first time i drove the cefx i said "guys this is driving".
thanks to cefx engineering, i'm satisfied with the car, good job.

Hope this helps.
i want one. i love my photon. i used to have 2 of them but because i stoped driving mod in races i sold one.
now i want to update my photon with the cefx chassis.
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