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Default Re: 24601 Diff Problems

Originally posted by Crashby
After looking at the picture of your axle/diff assembly, it appears you may have some missing parts.

Starting with the axle working from the diff ring flange on the axle, out to the cap head screw, the order should be…

1. Diff Ring – preferable notched
2. Flangeless bearing – unless axle has shoulder for the spur gear to ride on.
3. Spur Gear
4. Diff Ring – again preferable notched
5. Flanged bearing, providing the wheel hub is recessed to accept a flanged bearing
6. Wheel Hub
7. Flanged bearing
8. Washer for cap screw
9. Cap screw

It is very important that the washer on the cap screw only touches the inner race of the outside flanged bearing. An improperly assembled dif will cause the car to dart suddenly most times to the left but not always.
OK, I tried this, and adding the non flaged bearing to the center of the spur causes the diff to not be able to be tightened. I cannot tighted the screw enough to make contact with the rings. Also, I don't have a bearing small enough to fit where the thrust bearing is now like you suggested in 7-9.

However, If I put it
1. Diff ring
2. Flanged bearing
3. Spur gear
4. Unflanged bearing (recessed into the hub)
5. Hub
6. Thrust bearing in the hub

this seems to work. I don't really have anywhere to drive it to test it, but it seems better. I am wondering if I should use any thread lock on the thrust bearing screw.
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