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Talking Magazines

For those of you who remember the 90s, there was a magazine that was only in black and white. This was to me one of the best magazines I have ever read.

No Bull about products. No sugar coating. True tests, what was liked, and what was disliked.

Today, everything is all about money and not honesty. I do believe if a magazine did this, they would be on the chopping block.

This magazine didn't have very many ads. The magazine had more content every 2 months than most magazines had in 6 months. IMO.

The magazine was about 1/8th scale buggies.

Magazine was called Competition something.

Funny, this should not have happened to this magazine. This magazine did have a different angle on reviews than the others which I liked. I like generally all of the magazines. I would think when a magazine concentrates on their back pockets (solely on the bottom line), this is what happens, but, this magazine I think was a little different. Maybe because they didn't follow the others with large advertising 30+ page ads, they went under. (Lack of supportive funding) I would image having a yearly Buyers Guide helps another magazine with additional income from the advertisers and the buyers. (That sucker is a hefty price)

There needs to be a balance between better content and advertising. Currently, some magazines, (which I won't name) have ads that take up too much of the magazine. I am considering letting my subscription run out and going for a more expensive european product simply because of the lack of content in the magazine(s) I have now.

I'm like a kid. I generally know when the magazine(s) come in the mail. I wait for the mail carrier and grab the magazines from the box. I read them as slowly as I can trying to let them last til the next issue. (Yeah Right. I read them in the first 20 minutes of receiving them )

I like to read about reviews that make me feel like a product has flaws.
Example, the buggy pushes, shock out of the box don't work, but, this optional shock piston makes it better. etc, etc, etc.

Nothing is perfect nor is every product always going to be a fit for the racer or the basher. This is not always the case.

Anyway. This magazine was one of the nicer ones. Sorry to see the magazine go as it was part of the industry I really enjoy..

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