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Default Re: weight distribution

Originally posted by morpwr
cartmen 34,
actually you didnt miss my point,but once you do it a few times you pretty much know how many turns youll need to go.as ive found all tc3 s anyways to be about the same and i cant see any reason to spend twice as much money or more for something that isnt as accurate.i have two small postal scales they arent as accurate at the lower end of the scales readings as it isnt really important for their intended use unlike our.
actually they are all important but usually the right front and left rear will be heavier .the left front doesnt really do squat so to speak-ever watch a well setup outlaw car or dirt modified its hardly ever on the ground coming off a corner.this is because most of the weight gets transfered to the right rear .i actually lost a wheel in a nitro trophy race and finished with three for the last minute or so and it wasnt really noticable under power or when turning with the one left ,turning to the side without the tire was a whole nother story.still finished second!
wait a second.... we may be talking about two different kinds of racing here. I must have missed the part where we were talking about oval only racing. I was assuming we were talking about left AND right turns, in which case the left and right front's "should" take equal use/abuse. Of course, there has to be at least one more left than right or vis' versa to complete a road course circuit, but that's way beside the point.

The only time I could see puuposly putting wedge into a TC would be if the road course only had one or two of one type of corner (left or right). For this discussion I thought we were talking about perfect balance, implying 25% of the weight on each corner...as the post title indicates.

I probably decided to jump into the middle of a conversation without reading all the posts....it's so easy to do in these massive posts that are on this board!
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