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Default weight distibution

if you do it like i described in my previous post,even turns out on the heavy wheels(usually left rear and right front)and even turns in on the light wheels it works just fine,no need for a 4 scale setup.also turns out on heavy wheels adds weight to the light ones but will change your ride height if only done on two corners.also only doing one or two corners will not balance the wheel weights which is what you are trying to do.when properly balanced you will wind up with wheel weights of about 310-320grams approximately on all the wheels.slightly lighter or heavier front or rear depending on the car.just depends on what you like.also may be heavier if your car is heavy.what you want is both wheels on one end to be balanced and both ends to be close in weight.this will give you a neutral car,it wont push or be too loose as long as you have the right setup plus it repeatable every time.if the setup and wheel weights are the same the car will be the same as long as nothing else has changed diff setting,etc.everybodies cars i have done like this couldnt believe the difference in their cars from what they thought was a good car.
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