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Originally Posted by hopsing View Post
Exactly..... i think part of it is the shipping cost, the LHS doesnt want to pay shipping for K stuff when they can get other brands freight free. The other part is having stuff that may not sell.....they're afraid of being in a few hundred bucks in parts and have the stuff sit and no one want it since maybe no one really asks for it, but then no one will ask for it if they cant see that its available thru their lhs either.
i dont think shipping is it because its shipped outta Cali somewhere(cant rmemeber where) if they had parts it may be from a previous order, maybe that someone ordered and didnt pick up. the lhs where i order mugen/kyosho parts automatically orders 2 of everything when he buys Kysosho. so if you were to order that $900 kit he'd order 2 and part it out if the other one doesnt sell in a timely fashion
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