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Default weight distribution

aaron you are right about putting one round in changing ride height.but yo only ajusted one spring absolutely it will change.the point i was making is that to properly balance the car r/c not real race cars you need to do things evenly(slight tweek on one is ok to balance perfectly is ok).even turns in and out on opposite corners will balance the wheel weights WITHOUT changing the ride height.this only works if your ride is set properly before you start.try it and see for yourself it will work.this is the easiest way for someone to do it especially someone with no prevoius experience working on race cars.on a touring car you want balance not wedge that is why it works.besides the fact for those that dont know oval cars run different tire diameters and ride heights on all four corners,plus wedge to get the car to turn in the corners.this is not what you want in a t/c.imo
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