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Originally Posted by HarryLeach View Post
Thanks for the comments.

I guess I should clarify a little, I'm already using Ofna 30k silicone oil for tube lube in the rear, and when the rear wheel was diffing out, I was typically pinching the car off a bit too much.

I suspect it's 9/10th's driver error, I really can't imagine needing to go even higher on tube lube, but I'll give it a go if the need arises when I get to race again in about a month.
Definitely try gluing the front and rear tires. Just enough to calm it down. You may even want to go to a little less camber. Camber = steering and it may just be biting in too hard. This is not an issue with too light side tube lube or side spring rate. If the car feels good everywhere else, Try the changes i listed. If it is a little too aggressive still and you would like to see it easier to drive, try going a little lighter on the side spring rate or tube lube. What tires are you running up front?
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