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My subscription as expired for some unknown reason, after calling and a few unanswered e-mails I am making this public,
I am out of the funds, and can not watch the worlds, and all my emails to them have been ignored.

Proof of payment.

Transaction Details

Subscription Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 99V00531C55564020)
See related S-8H227220HV757112G
You can see all of your recurring payments on the My preapproved payments.

Business Name:, LLC
[email protected]

Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL:
Customer Service Email:[email protected]
Customer Service Phone:920-246-1845

Total Amount:
-$30.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
-$30.00 USD

Option Names and Values:

user_id: 17402

Oct 9, 2010
20:32:42 PDT

You have sent $30.00 USD to, LLC with PayPal
Funding Type:
PayPal Balance
Funding Source:
$30.00 USD - PayPal Account
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